St Columba Cares

St. Columba Cares 

A Ministry of Resilience 

The mission of St. Columba Cares is to nurture the Sacred Worth of each person. Rooted in the affirming and supportive Grace of God, St. Columba Cares engages others to create joyful spiritual journeys, even when sojourning through challenging times or events. 

Walking Prayers (Facebook Live and IGTV) is an early morning moving prayer practice at locations around The Florida Keys

Iona Contemplation (Facebook Live and IGTV) is a time for centering prayer in the evening. Centering prayer is a method of quiet mindfulness in which a single symbolic word is used as a sign of one’s willingness to wait on God and be available to God’s Presence. Also offered is a companion scripture.

Praying with Beads (Facebook Live and IGTV) is another morning prayer practice in which we use a prayer strand while engaging God in prayer. Prayer strands and instruction cards are available at no cost.

Caring Conversation is an opportunity to discuss anything that is on your heart and mind. In-person, over the phone, and online conversations are available. 

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@stcolumbacares    @stcolumbamarathon