Lay Eucharist Minister (LEM)

Lay Eucharistic Minister ( LEM) , participates in St. Columba’s most fundamental and communal form of worship known as the Holy Communion or Eucharist. The Holy Communion is one of the sacred rites of the Christian religion and is celebrated every Sunday. It is also celebrated on other Holy Days and special occasions such as weddings and funerals. Communion provides strength and renewal to live the Christian life on a daily basis.
Eucharistic ministers are welcoming and will assist Rev Debra by bearing the chalice and serving the wine at the altar rail during the service. On occasion, they also may help serve the bread. Eucharistic Ministers are required to attend a training session (usually an afternoon) . It is very exciting to stand on the altar and assist in this beautiful ministry, please contact Rev Debra to learn more

St. Columba Episcopal Church

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Sunday Summer Service

10am-Traditional Service