It’s our honor to have your children join us at the St. Columba Sunday Kids Club at St. Columba Episcopal Church. We have designed our class as a warm, welcoming place and we know that the kids will enjoy learning about Jesus and building their faith with Legos.

The mission of our class is three-fold:

To Reach Kids– That is, to share what Christ has done in our lives with as many kids as possible. As an old saying goes: “Just beggars who found bread telling other beggars where to find it.”

To Teach Kids– We believe that life change happens as we dig deeply into God’s Word. In its pages are timeless truths that speak to today’s challenges.

To Minister to Kids – This is a loving class; a praying class; a helping class. We strive to minister to each other during the joys and the sorrows we all face.

I’m not bashful about saying that should God lead you to our Sunday Kids Club we would consider it a blessing! Our prayer is that whether it’s our church or another, you will find one in which you can grow, develop, and be loved. When life is at its toughest, God uses us to encourage and come alongside others.

St. Columba Sunday Kids Club
Sunday Schedule
9:00-9:30 Van pickup or Parent drop-off
9:30-10:00- Welcome and snack
10:00-11:00-Lego lesson & play
11:00-12:00-Contemporary Service
12:00-12:30-Sunday Lunch
12:30- Van drop off or Parent Pick-up